Why do we make it our mission to foster strong enterprises?

Enterprise has the power to sustainably and efficiently improve social welfare.

Successful enterprises deliver: 

  • opportunity - through increased employment options. Employment opportunities grant access to personal income, reduce poverty and provide a way for people to contribute to their community.

  • empowerment - by allowing people to use and develop skills in the workplace, and by granting economic independence to employees, allowing them to make saving and spending decisions that make their own and their family’s lives better.

  • sustainability - by laying solid foundations upon which continued prosperity can be expected. Sustainability involves the development of secure systems through which profits and income are reliably and ethically generated.

Opportunity, empowerment and sustainability, encapsulate positive development for marginalised communities and the path to realising our vision of dignity and opportunity for all people. A culture of strong enterprise, creates an impactful economic ecosystem. This helps to bind individuals, government and enterprises together into an interdependent community strengthened by social cohesion.



In an ideal world, every individual is able to earn an income, is afforded the right to purchase products and services, and has access basic public services.

In supporting enterprises we are working towards a more equitable world that is home to healthier and happier people.

Not just any enterprise...

IR2O wants to work with Social Enterprises and Enterprises in Emerging Markets (EEMs), because we want to enable them to efficiently deliver their social impact goals. 

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Enterprise is reconnecting with its purpose, and it’s redefining what it means to be successful. 


By working with social enterprise and EEMs, we believe we can have the greatest positive social impact. These organisations NEED to be resilient and robust to lead social change. EEM’s deliver opportunity, empowerment and sustainability to people who have minimal or no alternative means of access. The part EEMs play in an emerging markets is crucial to the development of the community in which they are located. Social enterprises have direct social impact goals. Social enterprises have direct social impact goals and tackle systemic social issues.

We want to aid organisations who are commited to this mission, and who align with IR2O’s values.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that that conducts commercial activities to alleviate social problems. Social enterprises are emerging all throughout the world, and operate under a variety of business models and within a range of industries. 

Social enterprise models are a combination of best industry practice, ethical business practice and social entrepreneurship. This makes them competitive, sustainable and centres for positive social transformation.

There is no ‘perfect’ social enterprise model or neat definition of a social enterprise, as all businesses choose to tackle different social issues through different commercial activities. Ultimately, a social enterprise must pursue a social impact goal(s) through business activity. Social Enterprise are evaluated on the extent to which their social impact goals, and financial goals have been met.

IR2O is also a social enterprise!

We provide a platform to share risk management resources that are freely available to anyone that visits our site. Our resources, which include risk management articles, tools and modules, can help enterprise become more effective at delivering their own impact objectives. 

Alongside free resources, we use this platform to offer tailored and comprehensive risk management services. We want to work for organisations that share our social impact goals. We use our expertise to leverage the potential of organisations.

We can also support enterprise by connecting them with someone from our volunteer network of risk advisors. They use risk management techniques to deliver a risk management review, and recommendations.

Please contact us with any questions, or if you would like to help. 

Enterprise in emerging markets

The term enterprise in an emerging market (EEM), refers to small, medium and large businesses who’s commercial activity is based in an emerging market.


Unmanaged risks threaten an enterprise's ability to achieve its mission. "Effective risk management enables businesses to turn uncertainties into opportunities."

Unmanaged risks threaten an enterprise's ability to achieve its mission. "Effective risk management enables businesses to turn uncertainties into opportunities."

Uncertainty can be daunting. Where to start if you want to understand your risk.

Uncertainty can be daunting. Where to start if you want to understand your risk.

Improvement in outcomes, starts with measurement.

Improvement in outcomes, starts with measurement.