When your heart and your mind meet a need, there is no limit to what you can do.

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At IR2O, we believe in using the opportunities and gifts we have to improve the world in which we live for others. We know we are not alone. We want to invite risk professionals to use their expertise to help a cause that is close to their heart.

Join a network of risk professionals that want to make a change

IR2O is shared knowledge bank. If you are a risk professional, you already know the potential of RM techniques to safeguard and maximise the impact of an organisation, no matter what their goals are.

We want to share the learnings of risk management professionals to enterprises that are striving for change. This knowledge is an invaluable resource for businesses that have big dreams of a better world. They face the challenges and uncertainties of commercial activity as well as those of taking on entrenched social issues. If you have had a learning experience, have worked on an interesting RM case or have advice on a certain topic regarding RM, we would like to invite you to share it with our network in the form of an article.

As well as being a resource, we want to make risk management accessible to projects that have worthy dreams, but face limited resources. If you would like to become part of our volunteer network of risk professionals, please get in touch. We want to connect you with a project that you are particularly interested in, or have particular expertise in. We work to set clear expectations that match the commitment that you can make. For more information on the expectations, and the sort of projects in need of a volunteer, please get in touch.