IR20's vision is a world where everyone has access to the opportunities and resources to reach their full potential.

IR2O's mission is to foster robust and resilient organisations across the social impact eco-system through impact and business risk management.

IR2O’s purpose

  • We connect risk experts, social enterprises, small and growing businesses in emerging markets.

  • We provide a collaborative platform for participants to share so that risks are transformed into opportunities.

  • We assist enterprises to achieve their impact and business objectives by adopting risk management techniques and tools.

Our values



The IR2O story

For many years traditional investors and corporations have been using risk management processes to deal with the uncertainties that threaten their objectives. 

Structured risk management practices can be used by any investor or organization irrespective of their size, sector or location. 

Effectively managing risk can enable them to navigate internal and external challenges. 

It can transform those challenges into opportunities to grow and thrive. 

Based in Australia and the United States, the IR2O team is committed to using business and impact risk management processes and tools to foster robust and resilient organizations across the social impact ecosystem. 

IR2O is working to encourage collaboration between risk specialists, social entrepreneurs, enterprises in emerging markets and impact investors, to maximize their social impact.